The Iranian Heart Foundation
In many countries of the world, the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD) have made great progress. Iran, however, is no exception among the sufferers from such disease. Therefore, this need to prevent and control CVD fostered the idea of establishing the Iranian Heart Foundation (IHF), a nongovernmental organization, to organize and carry out all activities related to CVD prevention and control in an independent scientific foundation.
IHF Scientific Committees
IHF has established a number of scientific committees, in each of which there are many researchers active in the related fields. It should be noted that in the future more councils may be established.
The currentcommittees are:

Atherosclerosis, Nutrition & Lipid Committee
Members: 40
Ali Akbar Tavassoli
1. Ostandari St, Noor Medical Center, Isfahan, Iran; P.O.Box: 81458-31451
2. Jomhouri Eslami Sq, Khorram St, Sedigheh Tahereh Hospital, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center, Isfahan, Iran; P.O.Box: 81465-1148

Isa Noor Mohammadi
1. Hemmat Highway, Corner of Milad Borj, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Paramedical Sciences, Tehran, Iran; P.O.Box: 14155-6183

A Prof. Seddigheh Asgary
1. Jomhouri Eslami Sq, Khorram St, Sedigheh Tahereh Hospital, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center, Isfahan, Iran; P.O.Box: 81465-1148

The activities of the ScientificCommittee of Atherosclerosis, Nutrition and Lipids so far are:
1. Organization of Updates on Nutrition, Lipids & Atherosclerosis National Seminar in Isfahan, Iran (1999). More than 100 scientists participated in this seminar to present the most up-to-date works on atherosclerosis and lipids, including Prof. Jean-Charles Fruchart from Pasteur Institute de Lille of France and Prof. Rodolfo Paoletti, president of the International Atherosclerosis Society.
2. Establishment of a scholarship which allowed two researchers from the Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center who are members of the Atherosclerosiscommittee as well to be trained at the Pasteur Institute de Lille of France (headed by Prof. J. C. Fruchart), in the field of Lp(a) measuring and various methods for measuring LDL-oxide metabolites. This work was completed in December 2000 and the methods were then applied at the Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center.
3. Co-sponsorship of the 2nd Eastern Mediterranean Congress on Heart Health (EMCHH) in Lebanon, Beirut (4-7 May 2000).
4. Application of new HPLC methods for measuring homocysteine (2000).
5. Organization of the 1st National Seminar and Training Workshop on Cardiovascular Disease in Women in Isfahan, Iran (1-3 May, 2001). International experts attended this seminar whose purpose was to make its 150 participants familiar with current issues of cardiovascular disease in women. A report was produced which included "Recommendations of the Writing Group on Hormone Replacement Therapy in Postmenopausal Iranian Women" and is to be released in the Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal.
6. Thiscommittee is also responsible for quality control of the biochemical tests related to the "National Program of Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Prevention and Control."
7. National seminar on New Insights in Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention of Hyperlipidemia, 12-15 February 2002, Isfahan, Iran; simultaneously the Iranian guidelines on treatment and control of hyperlipidemia were discussed in the workshop.
8. Co-sponsoring the Third Eastern Mediterranean Congress on Heart Health in Cairo, Egypt, 10-13 April 2002.
9. Doing different projects and thesis with the cooperation of some Iranian Medical Universities (Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Iran …) (2003).
10. Organizing teaching courses on some new risk factors of atherosclerosis assessment for pharmacy students from different parts of Iran (2004).
11. Memorandum of understanding to do joint projects to find different natural and chemical drugs for hyperlipidemia treatment and control and to prevent the progression of fatty streaks in animals with different Medical Universities in Iran(2004)
12. Organizing the national “Atherosclerosis from Basic Science to Clinical Evidence” seminar (31Jan-1Feb, 2005 Isfahan, Iran) sponsored by International Atherosclerosis Society, Isfahan, Iran with the participation of Prof. Allan. D. Sniderman from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
13. Board of Directors Election of Atherosclerosis, Nutrition & Lipid Committee, was held on 1 Feb 2005 along with the “Atherosclerosis from Basic Science to Clinical Evidence” seminar with the presence of the secretary general of IHF, some of the authorities of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and the IHF members. From among 6 candidates for the elections, 3 were selected: Dr. Ali Akbar Tavassoli (Faculty Member of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences), as the president, Dr. Isa Noor Mohammadi (Faculty Member of Iran University of Medical Sciences), as the secretary and Dr. Sedigheh Asgary (Faculty Member of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center), as the treasurer of this committee.
14. Standardization of Apo-A and Apo-B values obtained by Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center laboratory with North West Lipid Metabolism and Diabetes Research Laboratories.

Dr. Seddigeh Asgary
Treasurer of theCommittee
2. The Scientific Committee of Rehabilitation
3. The Scientific Committee of CVD in Women
4. The Scientific Committee of Hypertension (member in the World Hypertension League)
5. The Scientific Committee of Tobacco Control.